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Unforeseen events or financial emergencies can arise at any time in life and on more than one occasion: an urgent reform needed at home, the repair of the car, a trip, a medical expense that was not in the plans, a accident or, even, the need to pay off a debt or to make an investment or a desired trip.

When it is required to face some extraordinary expense, one of the best alternatives is to go for 24-hour loans, or mini-loans that will allow you to get out of trouble and reach the end of the month without any problem.

This type of online loans in the act have had an important boom in recent years in Spain, mainly because of how fast, convenient and easy it is to obtain them.

The popularity of online 24-hour credits also has to do with the fact that the person should not move to a bank to have to request them or meet the strict requirements that banks request.

In fact, specialists in the financial market have estimated that around 45% of the Spanish population has requested an instant credit online and is satisfied with the outcome of the process.

Why ask for a loan in 24 hours online?


This type of financing seeks to respond immediately to the needs of customers, but mainly aims to save people time and feel confident in all stages of the process.

In addition, this type of quick personal loan that every day makes its way on the Internet offers different options so that the interested person can study, compare and choose between the alternative that suits him best.

Although it is a relatively new financial product in the country and in the world, online credits 24 hours are growing. One of the reasons is that many traditional banks have decided to “turn off the tap” to fast loans or become much more demanding with the documents they ask for.

Taking advantage of the rise of new technologies and the boom of the Internet, the providers of this type of credit without paperwork instantly seek to improve themselves more and more, based mainly on the qualifications, suggestions and recommendations made by their clients as demand increases.

These online 24 hours loans can be managed from the comfort of your home through a PC, a tablet or even your mobile phone in a matter of seconds. Usually they are for people requesting small amounts of money: the average of the requests is below 1,000 euros; but with Small Lender the limits of the amounts you decide. The base rate to apply for these urgent loans or credits 24 hours a day is 700 euros.

The urgent personal loans in 24 hours tend to have a lower interest rate than traditional loans, mainly because as it is a web platform one must deal with less operating expenses and do not handle such high amounts.

Another positive aspect of this market is that, once these 24 hours credits are approved, the money is deposited immediately in the account that the client has selected for this purpose.

Of course, the usual thing is that the money must also be paid or returned by the client in a short term, on average in a period no longer than 30 days.

Advantages of urgent credits

Advantages of urgent credits

More and more Spaniards are opting to apply for the 24-hour loans to solve financial problems, settle payments that arose unexpectedly or make a specific investment, especially in these times when the economy does not end up being the strongest in Europe. In fact, one of the most common times to ask for these express loans is during vacations, Christmas and New Year holidays, a quick way to buy gifts or take a family trip at the last minute.

Another of the main reasons to choose this modality is that people can hire online credits with immediate response through the Internet without having to worry about scheduling a tedious appointment in the bank or interviewing a manager or executive who will ask to review their accounts . In Small Lender we only ask for your registration.

In addition, one of our main attractions is that you do not need many requirements: it is 24-hour loans without papers, loans in 24 hours without bank guarantee, for which it is not necessary to submit, for example, a justification of income. This scenario represents an advantage especially for those people who do not have a permanent job and do not have a solid financial backing.

Some companies similar to us deny these easy credits to the applicants that are included in the Unpaid Acceptance Record (RAI) or in the National Association of Financing Entities (Asnef), which includes the largest list of defaulters in Spain. But not us. Most requests for 24-hour loans made to us are approved. At Small Lender, you trust the client and that is why we offer you all the options for money loans and 24-hour loans.

Some interesting facts to keep in mind of the 24-hour loans

Some interesting facts to keep in mind of the 24-hour loans

Representatives of the Spanish Association of Micro loans (AEMIP) have declared this 2018 that this type of financing has an approval rate of around 50%, a figure that is much higher than what traditional banking entities have registered in recent years. In addition, this new market mobilizes approximately 200 million euros.

Some studies by Spanish consultants report that men consume more this type of loans 24 hours than women. Also that most of these credits are requested by salaried people, followed by the sector of pensioners and to a lesser extent by the self-employed.

In general, Spaniards who hire these services are between 23 and 45 years old and the analysis highlights that not all of them use money for emergencies but for “whims” or very punctual purchases. Another interesting fact is that it is usually more popular among single than married people. The largest percentage of clients of these loans are located in Madrid and Barcelona.

Small Lender promises to be always available to its customers: it offers loans 24 hours a day, every day of the week. In addition, we let the user determine who can pay the loan without questions.

We seek to offer solutions to the economic problems of users, adapting to their needs and establishing conditions that favor them.

We have around 95.74% acceptance, we have granted more than 600,000 credits since we started operating, we have the validation of 99.13% loyal customers and we have lent around 331 billion euros. Do you still have any questions to get our service?

In short, there is a world of possibilities in this market that adapt to all kinds of circumstances. The important thing is to try and see which of these services is best suited to the needs of each user. And you, which one do you prefer?

So, if you are looking for a 24 hour credit without complications, adapted to your situation and in just a few minutes, Small Lender is the solution.  

Do not look for more personal loans online in 24 hours : you have arrived at the right place. Enter now and request yours!  

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